Are You Trying Really Hard but Feel Like You are Not Getting Where You Want to Go?

I Am Happy Where I Am, I Am Eager for What is Coming.

Doesn’t that statement give you such a sense of ease?

Sometimes I feel like I am trying so hard to manifest me desires that it becomes unpleasant and unenjoyable. Sometimes I feel frustrated by my own contrast.

I know that I am happy where I am, right here, right now, doing this thing that I am doing, but at the same time the contrast between where I am and where I want to be seems so big that instead of enjoying and appreciating that feeling of contrast I get caught up in what I don’t have. If I appreciate the life giving force of the contrast for the fact that it allows me to create new desires in my life, then that feels a little better.

I am eager for what is coming. I know that expansion and improvement are always downstream from where I am and I will get to those things I want, the things in my vortex if I allow myself to float in the direction of it. ‘I am eager’ is a much better thought than ‘I am desperate’. Sometimes I feel that something needs to manifest urgently and that doesn’t feel good. The pressure I feel is horrible. I feel like I have to make something happen, force something to come into being.

The thing is, if I am not in alignment with my source, if I am not being who I am or want to be, no action I take will get me closer to where I want to be.

Abraham explains….

So by choosing better feeling or more downstream thoughts, we get to a place which allows manifestation of our desires!

How easy is that!

Taking the action once the inspiration is there….

Enhancing the physical activity because the alignment is there first…


Most of the time it is easy. Sometimes, like when you get a big unexpected bill for something, or someone you love becomes ill it may take a little more work or time to get to the better feeling place. If all we did all day was work on how we feel at any given moment, then we would always be happy where we are and eager for what is coming.

If however we were always happy and never experiencing contrast, how could we expand and grow? Isn’t the discovery of a new part of your self, some call them breakthroughs, the most delicious thing in life?

What I think it come down to, is trust. Do you trust the universe to give you what you are asking for?

I asked for work that I could do from home.

Now I do it.

Ask and it is given.

If you would like some help getting what you want most, CLICK HERE to find out how I can help you.

I hope you have got something from what I have place on this page today, please leave a comment or promote the link.

Peace and love.

Erin x


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